Broken Bone + Potential Slew of Dates?

Made a small crack in my left foot, elegantly falling at the end of a date by missing a step. I suppose trying to fake grace has it’s downsides.

Regardless, this now means potential coffee dates I had this weekend are now shot. I’ll hopefully find out tomorrow just how gimpy I’m going to be for the next 1-3 months. I’m praying for splint and quick recovery, but we’ll see.

Somehow I managed to scrounge up 9 potential dates. Some will likely fall out of the running, simply because I’m not 100% on their personalities yet. We shall see.

In the meantime, please enjoy the following creepers. :]


Nearly 10 years older than me. Kept viewing my profile but never messaged me. I confronted him and told him too old. He stopped and just started looking at me again. =_= Soon to block.


Creeper dad. Said that he’s been told that he’s hot. Moving on.

000 001

41, messaged me saying I’m beautiful. Flattered and a little creeped out.


My personal favorites are those that are old enough to be my father. If your daughter and I are the same age, that’s probably not a good enough reason to contact me. I really don’t need friends that badly.