Never Settle


The reoccurring dating advice I got before jumping in again was, “Never settle.” My whole life I have talked myself out of breaking up with loser boyfriends, staying longer than I should’ve, and telling myself that I’ve learned something with every failed relationship. Don’t get me wrong, I have, though that isn’t the practical way to handle it.

While I was in Colorado, a friend’s roommate, who is engaged to the love of her life heard me go on about my romantic flops and questioning whether my man was out there somewhere. She smiled and said,

“I used to feel just like you are now. I thought he didn’t exist and I was in relationships that weren’t good for me. But then I found my fiancee, and I realized just how thankful I am that I didn’t settle and that I had all those bad relationships, so I could be thankful when I found a good one.”

I couldn’t help but smile back at the happiness she radiated. Everyone’s optimistic words kept me going, and the thought that my “just right guy” is out there somewhere, is how I’ve persisted for so long. After countless bad dates, creepy guys, and 2 matches that fizzled out, I’ve found a keeper.

I was beginning to have my doubts that he existed. Cloud seemed like the closest match to what I was looking for with the height, sportiness, independence, and similar interests. When that abruptly ended, I almost gave up hope. But then I thought,

How hard would it be to find a guy that likes to lounge around, go out, workout, and enjoys sports? Surely, he’s out there somewhere. 

I gave myself until September, when my account expires, and swore that if I didn’t find anyone worthwhile by then, I’d delete all profiles and purely focus on my life again.

Maverick has proven to be absolutely wonderful, thoughtful, handsome, sporty, dorky, nerd, goofball and I adore him. :] He’s not afraid to be honest with me or show small PDA action in front of his friends. He’s been a gentleman with my gimpy foot, and really, is exactly what I’ve been searching for a long time now.

The best way I can describe it is, though we’ve only recently started dating (and became official last night 7/26), it feels like I’ve met him before. I suppose you could say kindred spirits. Not that anyone is complaining.

Without restraint, I’m jumping in. We’ll see how long we last but I’ve got a feeling, this one might be awhile. ;]

P.S. Cloud and Spongebob have come out of the wood work recently. And to think, you could’ve had this. ;P

How It All Began


DISCLAIMER: Before I begin my flashback, please note that the dating advice posted on this site is merely my own personal opinion and should be taken with the proverbial grain of salt. Also, all names have been changed for safety purposes. Thank you. 😀


After a devastating break-up to start off 2011 9 more months and we would’ve celebrated our 4 year anniversary, and one month of wallowing, I decided I wasn’t being productive and I made my first attempt at online dating on 

What no one warned me about was that I would need to create a witty profile that would lure young, handsome men to my corner of the interwebs. @_@ After hours of work, I began the search, with the help of Match’s extensive lists, to narrow down my filter of white boys down to military men. -_- I do live on an island afterall.

My interaction with weirdos, creepers, old men, and/or angry Asians was only just beginning. I knew the virtual world was dangerous, but I had no idea.