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Since my return from Colorado, I’ve had a numerous amount of fails. United nearly lost my luggage. Chris’ toilet is broken (and still is after nearly 2 weeks). My iPod was stolen off my desk at work (in a few days, no one will be allowed into my classroom during non-instructional times). And now this…

I’m beginning to think that God has some sort of vendetta against me. Maybe Chris is right, his father should be praying for my Buddhist soul that’s already prime and ready for hell.

After living in the pigsty that has been my room due to bi-weekly date nights, coupled with recent trip to the Rockies, I finally got my ass into gear and started cleaning up my room. Two epic loads of laundry, vacuuming, and sorting later, I realized I still hadn’t even attempted transferring files from my dying Mac to my new PC. It’s only been, 5 months. :X

Some trial and error later, the transfer of 7hrs worth of photos later, I began deleting old photos to clear up some space. Of course, I find..all of you. Kissy Fish’s photos from work. Wolf visiting. Quite possibly the best boyfriend I had. Watching the sunset from the end of the earth. Even an entire folder of Mandroid’s navy graduation from Illinois.

I’m fighting a cold, and do not have the strength to battle memories of old flames. Not now.




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