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Over-Thinking Life


The slew of dates have started, most, as predicted, have either fallen wayside or given up. But after all the recent failed relationships (Note: Tiger for 2 months & Cloud for 1), I’m left wondering if there’s any point in continuing online dating for 2 more months to see if anyone worthwhile bites and actually stays. 

I know my downsides. I enjoy always spending time with my man (exercising, lounging around, going out, etc), having sex, texting during downtime, so on and so forth. I have a career and your typical crazy FOB family, but I make it work. Sometimes, it feels like I’m judged for the shortcomings of my life/personality, and as much as I try to play it off like it’s fine, it still bugs me. 

Right now, I’m at a crossroads. My friends have always been split on this topic and here I am again. To just say FUCK IT, and date a bunch of guys and see what happens without feeling guilty OR choose one, and see what happens. 

I enjoy overanalyzing everything. Maybe this time, I should just forget focusing on the future and just let the chips fall where they may instead of trying to label every relationship. 

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