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Creepers for this week :/


First local guy to attempt flirting with me. Not my speed, but best of luck man.



Both guys are 37. Mr. White Shirt kept stalking my profile without saying anything. Confronted, he said he was thinking ahead, seeing as he has a business trip coming up, so maybe after. Maybe some girls dig that cocky arrogance, I personally abhor it. :] 


Black and white, and FIFTY. 

-_- Maybe I should just stop looking now, move, buy my Golden Retriever, and call it happily ever after already.



3 thoughts on “Creepers for this week :/

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  2. HAHA! what site are you using? I was on OkayCupid for a while and it was all crazies. I’d rather meet people in person I think, but even then I run into a ton of weirdos.

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