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Teachers Need Not Apply




Being a teacher, and in this economy is difficult + potentially coming home to a significant other/husband who teaches = ALWAYS TALKING ABOUT WORK. That’s why I REFUSE to date an educator, I don’t care how cute or perfect we are. It can’t last because, it just can’t.

An ex-coworker and I were chatting & got close over this past year discussing our broken love lives. Him with his array of women, and my dating failures. At some point, he became romantically interested, and while he is a 

Tall, Caucasian, Intelligent, Male….

…..it would never work.

We want different types of mates, he’s a teacher, and just, No

Today, after griping about losing another potential relationship he made a snide comment.

Well, your type seems to be WHITE MILITARY SO…

AND?! Are you just bitter that I wasn’t attracted to you because we used to be close coworkers? Get over yourself. I don’t like ONLY white military guys, seeing as I’ve had serious relationships with all kinds of guys in my past. Thanks, but no thanks.


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