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Another One Bites The Dust

ImageI was so hopeful that he would be different. One month of heavy flirting. 4 solid dates. Informal meeting of my family so they knew I wasn’t just SAYING that he was different from the rest but that they’d actually believe me

Today I got greeted with…

I think this weekend moved to quickly.

Idk, this weekend was just a big eye opener for me. I don’t think I’m ready for a girlfriend right now.

And the kicker? Ready for the heart wrentching finale?

I have fun with you…but in doses. I’m not ready to dedicate 90% of the rare free time I have to you.

Ya know, if that’s how you really felt, good job. If you actually enjoyed my company, a MAN would’ve just said, “I had fun with you this weekend, but I need some time to myself too. Is that okay?” And we would’ve been fine. 

This on the same day I get news that I may have cancer. :] 

All these boys do is make me question whether I should take the low road and be the bitch that always makes the guy pay, never responds to any texts, and treats him like shit.

If that’s what you want God, it’s coming closer and closer with every horrible man you lead down my path. 


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