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How It All Began


DISCLAIMER: Before I begin my flashback, please note that the dating advice posted on this site is merely my own personal opinion and should be taken with the proverbial grain of salt. Also, all names have been changed for safety purposes. Thank you. 😀


After a devastating break-up to start off 2011 9 more months and we would’ve celebrated our 4 year anniversary, and one month of wallowing, I decided I wasn’t being productive and I made my first attempt at online dating on Match.com. 

What no one warned me about was that I would need to create a witty profile that would lure young, handsome men to my corner of the interwebs. @_@ After hours of work, I began the search, with the help of Match’s extensive lists, to narrow down my filter of white boys down to military men. -_- I do live on an island afterall.

My interaction with weirdos, creepers, old men, and/or angry Asians was only just beginning. I knew the virtual world was dangerous, but I had no idea.

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