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I will never forget all the memories we’ve shared, the hardships endured, and the bittersweet endings. I was meant to be here, right now, just as I am. And I will continue living my life and pushing forward until my path crosses yours.Image

Teachers Need Not Apply




Being a teacher, and in this economy is difficult + potentially coming home to a significant other/husband who teaches = ALWAYS TALKING ABOUT WORK. That’s why I REFUSE to date an educator, I don’t care how cute or perfect we are. It can’t last because, it just can’t.

An ex-coworker and I were chatting & got close over this past year discussing our broken love lives. Him with his array of women, and my dating failures. At some point, he became romantically interested, and while he is a 

Tall, Caucasian, Intelligent, Male….

…..it would never work.

We want different types of mates, he’s a teacher, and just, No

Today, after griping about losing another potential relationship he made a snide comment.

Well, your type seems to be WHITE MILITARY SO…

AND?! Are you just bitter that I wasn’t attracted to you because we used to be close coworkers? Get over yourself. I don’t like ONLY white military guys, seeing as I’ve had serious relationships with all kinds of guys in my past. Thanks, but no thanks.


Another One Bites The Dust

ImageI was so hopeful that he would be different. One month of heavy flirting. 4 solid dates. Informal meeting of my family so they knew I wasn’t just SAYING that he was different from the rest but that they’d actually believe me

Today I got greeted with…

I think this weekend moved to quickly.

Idk, this weekend was just a big eye opener for me. I don’t think I’m ready for a girlfriend right now.

And the kicker? Ready for the heart wrentching finale?

I have fun with you…but in doses. I’m not ready to dedicate 90% of the rare free time I have to you.

Ya know, if that’s how you really felt, good job. If you actually enjoyed my company, a MAN would’ve just said, “I had fun with you this weekend, but I need some time to myself too. Is that okay?” And we would’ve been fine. 

This on the same day I get news that I may have cancer. :] 

All these boys do is make me question whether I should take the low road and be the bitch that always makes the guy pay, never responds to any texts, and treats him like shit.

If that’s what you want God, it’s coming closer and closer with every horrible man you lead down my path. 


The Entrepreneur


Before I begin, my problem is I have a thing for Caucasian guys. Nerdy, average, chiseled arms omg @_@, or thin. I’m not really picky as long as you at least somewhat take care of yourself. However, living on an island proves difficult. This means my primary pool of cuties are….


There I said it. Judge me. Point fingers. Whatever. I don’t really care. It’s my personal preference, and while I’ve been burned plenty of times Refer to the name of this blog, I’m by no means giving up easily. I blame my upbringing, and possibly the fact that I’m a Taurus.

Anyway, Mr. Bob was the one that got away when I first joined Match in 2011. I had committed his profile to memory, so that on the off chance I saw it again, I wouldn’t hesitate.

He seemed great. Cute strawberry blond aka a personal weakness, owns his own construction business, and emailed semi-regularly. Now the problem wasn’t that he contacted me but that he fell into the category of,

I winked & emailed you 2 months ago, and only now you’re responding?

…but because Mr. Bob WASN’T a military man, REGARDLESS of that fact that he eventually wanted children, as I do not, my friends & family were pushing that I make this happen. Bob wanted to meet for coffee. Awesome! But then, he fails to give me a time/place/cell number. Hm, ok, maybe he doesn’t like me as much as I had hoped.

We finally manage to reschedule,which causes coffee date to evolve into a dinner one. While, normal women may be  thrilled at the idea of a free dinner, I’m a little more reluctant. Here’s why,

  1. Coffee during the day, or even in the evening, is informal. If the date fails, you can hopefully escape quicker. Note: I’m still the Queen of 3hr Horrible Coffee Dates, but that’s for another post.
  2. Dinner implies conversation. If this is the first date and I’m not sure about our chemistry, I might have to work my awesome socializing skills the entire time.
  3. I hate that the man always pays. I work, I can pay for shit.

I reluctantly agree and boy did I pay for it. Mr. Bob goes OFF about education with me for nearly 2hrs. Being an educator, I try to calmly explain our dismal reality and how the issues are really at the top and trickle down. He more or less pushes me to nearly debate with him. Then during normal conversation, insults me.

MR. BOB: “So, during the first semester of my masters, it was difficult. I had to do a lit review, then come up with a research question, then conduct a study. But HERE it must be different right? I mean…”

ME: “Um, actually my masters program was the same way….”


MR. BOB: “So what is this whole ‘group learning thing’ about anyway?”

ME: “Well, technically in the Ed field, many old ideas end up getting recycled. It’s actually called, ‘Project Based Learning’ and..

MR. BOB: *interrupts me* “Right, right. They work in groups. My friend that works in ED said..”

I can say, for the first time EVER I didn’t attempt to finish my dinner. I quickly ate some, and asked to have it bagged. I fought the urge to yell at him for being so blatantly rude and walkout. I didn’t offer to pay for once or suggest I treat to dessert. I wanted to drive home and yell at my sister for even suggesting I try.

The Kicker? He just sent me a text the other day. Was I the only one on the date from hell? O_o

Next time, when intuition tells me to run, I’m going to listen.

How It All Began


DISCLAIMER: Before I begin my flashback, please note that the dating advice posted on this site is merely my own personal opinion and should be taken with the proverbial grain of salt. Also, all names have been changed for safety purposes. Thank you. 😀


After a devastating break-up to start off 2011 9 more months and we would’ve celebrated our 4 year anniversary, and one month of wallowing, I decided I wasn’t being productive and I made my first attempt at online dating on Match.com. 

What no one warned me about was that I would need to create a witty profile that would lure young, handsome men to my corner of the interwebs. @_@ After hours of work, I began the search, with the help of Match’s extensive lists, to narrow down my filter of white boys down to military men. -_- I do live on an island afterall.

My interaction with weirdos, creepers, old men, and/or angry Asians was only just beginning. I knew the virtual world was dangerous, but I had no idea.